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Software licensing

Please email admin@inforg.com.au for enquiries for licensing applications such as TRIM, Cinca and sharepoint.

Software licensing

Although inforg are HP partners to provide TRIM licensing, implementation and training we also provide a range of review, implementation and administration services for other information management and asset systems such as Alfresco Open source, Ezescan, TRIM, Sharepoint and Civica Authority.

Information provision hardware

We can provide total end to end solution implementations by advising your organisation and providing tablets, handhelds, scanners, barcode scanners and apps for mobiles to suit your organisations information requirements.


We have a range of manuals, security models, research and reports available. Examples available on our downloads page

Quotation requests

Send details of requirements, models, contact details to admin@inforg.com.au, call 0428836405 or 0883640055.

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